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Cala Volpe

Nature is the greatest artist! Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda where the rocks emerging out of the emerald water are like Henry Moore's sculptures. Sleeping giants of a far away long forgotten past.

La natura è il più grande artista! Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda dove le rocce che emergono dall'acqua color smeraldo ricordano le sculture di Henry Moore. Giganti addormentati di un lontano passato da tempo dimenticato.

September in the Maddalena

Sailing to the Arcipelago della Maddalena with John Mason who joined us for a week. The two Johns and I went from Canniggione to Porto Palma, La Maddalena and Cala Portese. John's bag went missing when he arrived to Olbia together with the bags of other 30 passengers so he had to buy a few essentials, from toothbrush to swimming trunks and spare clothes. In the photos you can see him in the latest Costa Smeralda fashion! Eventually his bag magically appeared in Gatwick Airport at his return.

Sardinia May 2019

At anchor in Porto Ottuolu. Winds up to 21 knots last night all night long, not life threatening but still enough to keep me on alert while John never even got out once from his cabin! The wind eased in the morning and it turned outo a perfect day to investigate the stuning beach. The colour of the water is amazing. Been already swimming several times, or just floating lazily to enjoy the crisp sensation. It isn't colder than the water in Cornwall in the summer yet I was the only one swimming until a French woman went in, and just for a few minutes! 

Early in the Algarve

In the Algarve two months in advance. We rushed as if chased by pirates sailing between 7 and 12 hours every day! Just a few exceptions when we stopped more than one night. On the plus side there is plenty of time now to swim and and get a suntan (at last!). The water is fantastic, not too warm as some people like it!

From Muros to Lagos

Festa de São João do Porto

Celebrating São João in Porto with Annette until 4 in the morning. We run all the way from the metro of Trinidad almost to the river, just in time to see the fireworks, which were exceptional. The crowd was fantastic and the paper lanterns representing dreams and wishes were in the sky all night long. Annette lantern took off too, with the help of some local "experts". There was music everywhere and we moved from place to place joining in the dancing and the exchanges of "hammerings"! Annette is from Amsterdam and is a passionate surfer.

Britta's Birthday Boat Party

We had a lovely afternoon cruise along the beautiful canals around Emden, and also had a swim along the way. We were caught in a couple of showers but that only added to the fun, and we were very lucky to be back less than an hour before a major downpour in the early evening. The fact that we were told that the boat was unsinkable would have been a meagre consolation!