Praya de Carvoeiro

Today we explored by inflatable the impressive coastline from Portimao to Praya de Carvoeiro and beyond. Thank you Nanumea for the suggestion!  

Coastline from the sea:

Coastline from the shore:

Praya de Carvoeiro:

We had planned to go ashore in Praia de Carvoeiro and I asked John to leave me at a small beach further on so that I could walk back to Praia de Carvoeiro and meet him there. Instead he understood that I was walking back all the way to to Ferragudo! When I arrived in Praia de Carvoeiro (it was about a mile walk over the spectacular cliff) I didn't see the inflatable on the beach and, when I eventually reached John by phone, he told me he had just got back to the boat! Never mind, I took my time to look around and then took a taxi back to Ferragudo! :-)