September in the Maddalena

Sailing to the Arcipelago della Maddalena with John Mason who joined us for a week. The two Johns and I went from Canniggione to Porto Palma, La Maddalena and Cala Portese. John's bag went missing when he arrived to Olbia together with the bags of other 30 passengers so he had to buy a few essentials, from toothbrush to swimming trunks and spare clothes. In the photos you can see him in the latest Costa Smeralda fashion! Eventually his bag magically appeared in Gatwick Airport at his return. Unfortunately for the resident John, in the bag was the float switch for the boat shower pump that had broken, the Worcester sauce essential for John's special "Temptation" salad dressing, and, if that was not bad enough, the all imprtant ginger biscuits!